Embotits Espina was created in Vic in 1911. The people of this city and its area have been elaborating cold cuts for centuries.
Pigs of high genetic pureness and quality are bred in this background, with an optimal proportion between lean meat and fat. The closeness between farming sites, pig livestock, slaughterhouses and meat products guarantees both freshness in raw materials and good quality in final products.
From its very creation, the small family company Embotits Espina has been changing, adopting the new technologies, and growing in size, although it has always preserved with great care the traditional methods in every single product elaboration process.
The Espina family offers first quality delicatessen, backed by the wisdom and experience transmitted along four generations. For almost a century, the company has improved quite a few treatment techniques of pork cold cuts, innovating in recipes and presentations, and standing out as a specialist brand in cooked ham.
Today, after exhaustive technological modernisation, Embotits Espina is present in the main markets all around Europe.

We have grown up with you.

The figure of the pork butcher is the closest and more familiar link for the consumer, and the source inspiring more confidence to the customer. In spite of the fact that, in the last decade, Embotits Espina has reached a position in big international outlets, we have always been guided by pork butchers� criteria. Their opinions about our products have always been an essential reference to our company. Thanks to those professional people, expert critics in cold cuts, we keep on improving our products and services day by day.
Freshly packed.

Whilst adapting ourselves to present-day consumer�s diversity, and to their different shopping habits, at Espina we present our products in different formats and portions: Whole pieces, pre-sliced � available in many different grammages and preservation conditions � such as fine slices, strips, industrial bars and slices on trays for catering.
Espina�s commitment to the final quality of our ham and cold cuts leads us to be highly demanding with slice-cutting and packaging processes. Our white plants high technology guarantees, protects, and keeps unaltered our products� properties, by respecting above all aromas, flavours and textures up to the recommended consuming time.
High technology
at the service of the product.

At Espina we always apply the best technology at the service of the product tradition. Only by respecting our raw materials flavour and essence, we are able to obtain noble products, consistent with our history and background.
Embotits Espina�s premises, with two plants adding up to 30.000 m2 devoted to cooked, sliced and cured products, count on modern and precise technology, which is constantly being updated. Our production is flawless, as far as hygienic and sanitary controls are concerned, in each and every process. Espina offers quality and service from beginning to end, fulfilling the ISO regulations.As experts in the industrial process of pork products and their marketing, at Embotits Espina we try to monitor every stage of the provision. For this reason, our quality controls follow the traceability of our products during their entire course, from reception of raw materials to their arrival to the customer�s shopping bag.